The AFRIMED website ( comprising the intranet section is online.
In September 2020 we had a serious problem with the server that hosts the project website, encountering a hacking that totally cancelled the AFRIMED website. Despite the problem,
ECOREACH was able to re-create the site in a short time.

Thus, the AFRIMED website is back, more responsive and with new graphics design, more potentiality with new web pages dedicated to the project and its dissemination.
Inside the website, you will find all the dissemination products produced until now such as factsheets, posters, newsletters and more. So, we re-installed new plugins and linked them to Google Analytics for statistics on users flow. Unfortunately, this problem prevents us from giving correct data on the flow of users. Until now, before the crash and in the following months (from October to December 2020) we have registered a total of 302 new users. In addition, improvements have been made and the AFRIMED website is back online with new graphics. The restricted area has also been re-established and the Data
repository and has been continuously updated until now. The project documents, templates for reports, presentations and minutes of workshops and meetings, as well as the description of the project have been released. Moreover, new products as a poster and generic and specific factsheet of the project and one newsletter upload in the section “Communication & Outreach and “Business Club”. The section dedicated to the Business Club was implemented to add contents and making the section a channel to engage directly industries, commercial and professional stakeholders. In this dedicated section (edited and updated under the responsibility of WP6), specific material (presentations, material for webinars) will be available and continuously updated.
Stay Tuned!