The Restoration of Marine Ecosystems: AFRIMED presented to high school students

Ecoreach has organized training with middle and high school students (January-February 2020)  on the delicate topic of the restoration of marine ecosystems.
A seminar was held to explain the importance of marine ecosystem restoration to students and the AFRIMED project was presented. 
An entire day was dedicated to field activities in Gabicce Mare (Adriatic Sea) and in the laboratory.
Many activities have been carried out in order to make students understand the hard work behind the recovery of the marine environment and the enormous importance of protecting and safeguarding our ecosystems.
Furthermore, the AFRIMED project was explained to the students and teachers.

Thanks to all partecipants!

The Restoration of Marine Ecosystems: AFRIMED presented to high school students (UVL)

The University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali” (UVL), organized on the occasion of World Ocean Day (8th June 2020) a seminar with the students on the restore of macroalgal forests in the Mediterranean Sea, which it is carrying out with the AFRIMED project and field activity and information meeting (11th June 2020) with high school students in the Triport area, Albania. 

Training course in the marine restoration of the Mediterranean


The First Training Course in Marine Restoration of the Mediterranean, a joint MERCES and AFRIMED project event, took place the first week of September 2019 in beautiful Tricase Porto (Apulia region, Italy). Our staff and a dozen participants from Italy, the UK and Turkey were kindly hosted in the facilities of AvampostoMare, CIHEAMBari and Porto Museo di Tricase.

This summer school was dedicated to the university students (e.g. PhD students, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree).

The first day has focused on building the context in which the course will unfold. AFRIMED coordinator Roberto Danovaro introduced the concepts of restoration, BlueGrowth and sustainable development – stressing how global challenges need global responses, stemming from basic science and all the way up to applied research and socio-economic implications. Jean-Baptiste Ledoux provided an in-depth analysis of themes linked to population genetics and restoration, on the backdrop of ecosystem functioning and changing scenarios. Carlo Cerrano closed the day talking about ecosystem engineers and their key role for marine restoration.