AFRIMED aims at distributing the knowledge generated in WPs 1-5 to target groups outside the project’s consortium.

The target audiences include

  • institutions at EU, national and regional level;
  • relevant actors involved with marine environmental protection and management of natural resources;
  • general public;
  • scientific community.

General and tailored communication and engagement strategies will be developed to reach different layers of the targeted audiences. All partners will contribute to the creation of a stakeholder database (shared and used by each WP for different purposes), revised and improved during the whole project. Based on this, a detailed dissemination, communication and public engagement plan will be drawn up by WP6 and WP7 leaders, shared with the consortium, revised and validated every year. In the first phase, AFRIMED will concentrate on networking as well as communicating the objectives, anticipated results and benefits that can be generated from these results. Networking will relate to policy and decision-makers, researchers and the general public. In the second phase, the project will focus on communicating and disseminating knowledge, findings and progress – also eliciting and incorporating feedback. The final phase will focus on the demonstration of the results achieved. 

Co-leader: Partner 1, Polytechnic University of Marche (Silvia Bianchelli) and Partner 8, Ecoreach L.t.d (Francesca Marcellini)

For more information on the Communication and Outreach activities, visit the dedicated section of the website, click here