Prof. Roberto Danovaro is full professor of Ecology, Former President of the Italian Society of Ecology (SItE) and of the Italian Association of Oceanography and Limnology (AIOL), President of the Zoological Station in Naples, Expert in Marine Ecology.

He has been a participant in several EU financed programmes (eg CINCS, BENGAL, MATER, ADIOS, INTERPOL, MEDVEG, COORALZOO, MAP, REFREES, HERMES, SESAME, HERMIONE, DEVOTES, MIDAS).

Leader of a pilot study in the restoration of seagrass beds using a transplanting approach in the Adriatic Sea.

Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Chemistry & Ecology (Taylor and Francis Group).

Author of 3 books and 295 papers in ISI journals (H: 84 and about 24111 citations; SCOPUS).

Google scholar citation: Google Scholar